Fiel Garvie – Leave me out of this

After the excellent single ‘I didn’t say’ we now have a full-length album by UK artists Fiel Garvie, their second one. You can call it shoegaze, dreampop, ethereal indie or whatever you want, fact is that the eleven tracks have a pleasant hazy, misty sound and atmosphere. Perfect lounge music for late at night, to let your mind drift away while wtachning the stars…

Of course you can relate to plenty of references here. People who like acts like Lush, Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, Cranes, Drugstore etc. will certainly be tempted by the songs of Fiel Garvie. A melancholic mood, poppy melodies, the sensual whisper-voice of Anne, various layers of droney guitars and mesmerizing sounds. Music full of feelings of nostalgia, love, desire and longing. Most of the album is rather tranquil, focusing mostly on atmosphere. A few songs are somewhat more uptempo and rhythmic, like the wonderful highlight ‘Got a reason’ and the more rocking ‘Talking a hole in my head’, reminding me of Sonic Youth and Jesus & Mary Chain.
I’m enjoying myself a lot with these eleven Fiel Garvie songs, filled with mysteries and fairy-tales…

artist: Fiel Garvie
label: [drga-drga]
details: [drga20]