File not Found – Malfunction

When you put this cd on you might think you are listening to an updated version of Gary Numan. The opening track ‘Disconnection ­ Reinvention’ sounds like a modern version of ‘Down In The Park’. When you take the time to listen to the whole album you will need to draw the conclusion that defining the band as a contemporary version of one of the most important electropop pioneers would do File Not Found an injustice.

There is more to this German band than that. Malfunction is a very nice melodic electro/synth pop cd, with mostly up-tempo songs on it. The melancholy mood that goes with this music since the 80’s is of course present. Maybe it is the
English vocals with German accent that helps to gives this music a special feeling or maybe it is the catchy melodies. The songs are both rhythmic and melodic very good. ‘One By One’ is a song that can easily compete with early day Depeche Mode. In ‘67840 ­ You’ve Got My Number’ you will hear some distant Kraftwerk sounds, like during their Computerwelt period. And, ‘Your Face’ is a somewhat slower track with a nice melancholy feeling to it, which nonetheless stays danceable.

File Not Found may not be the most original electropop act, but they are very good at what they do. This cd was released some time ago, so hopefully there will be a new record soon, because this is very addictive music.

artist: File not Found
label: self-released