Fin de Siècle – Summertime

Fin de Siècle is known for its neoclassical sounds and ambient soundscapes. This French act, related to the Cauldron music label, already released a couple of albums and EP’s, some of which are available for free download. After “Sans Titre” in 2003 (Divine Comedy Records), the new album “Nine Barns” will be released soon by Undevingti Records. The single ‘Summertime’ is sort of a preview for that work. It contains two remixed excerpts and is limited to only 50 copies.

The first track, ‘Stranger’, is a moody, tranquil piece. The first part is instrumental, except for some laughing little girl sounds. Sombre guitars, steady drums and bass. Halfway sparse melancholic, almost sad male vocals and some flute sounds are added to the overall monotonous piece. I like the somewhat lazy, jazzy pace of this song.

‘Summertime’ has a hazy atmosphere with shimmering post-rockish guitar sounds. Moody filmic music. After a while the songs gets even more unwordly with vague jazzy samples, the characteristic voice of Billy Holiday can be heard in the background. The sound makes me think a little of the cut-and-paste work of Cocorosie. Listening to ‘Summertime’ makes me somewhat drowsy, though my dreams are restless.
Interesting little EP, which shows some new influences in the work of Fin de Siècle and a promising taster for the forthcoming album.

artist: Fin de Siècle
label: Cauldron Music