Final Selection – Heading for Graceland

This extended EP by the German formation Final Selection comes after their debut album ‘Antihero’, also on Black Flames Records. The EP, with a respectable length of almost an hour, consists of two parts. ‘Daydreams’ with five new songs of dreamy synthpop and ‘Nightshades’ with five more uptempo remixes by some well-known EBM acts like Aslan Faction and NamNamBulu.

The new songs by Final Selection are pleasant to listen to. They have a lot more feeling than many contemporary future pop acts do. Well-balanced compositions with various facets, mature electronic music combinded the sensitive voice of Riccardo Schult. The artwork also looks very profesional and stylish.

Final Selection often reminds of Depeche Mode, in romantic poppy songs like ‘Jupiters Child’. I also have to think of Diary of Dreams now and then. Very nice and moody is the cover of ‘Fade into you’ by Mazzy Star. Another highlight is the atmospheric ‘At the gates of Utopia’, atmospheric electronic music which reminds me a bit of Abscess.

Furthermore this EP contains 6 remixes. Partly of songs from this EP, partly from songs of their debut album. In general the mixes display a somewhat darker sound, therefore this part is appropriately entitled ‘Nightshades’. Interesting is the more experimental approach by Mc1r. Some mixes are quite danceable, like the uptempo Aslan Faction treatment of ‘I never want more’, sounding somewhere between Covenant and Suicide Commando. Nam Nam Bulu gives ‘White star’ a straightforward beat and trancy sounds, not my favourite style but probably received well in clubs.

artist: Final Selection
label: Black Flames Records
details: 11 tracks, 57 min. [BFCD 016]