Fire in the Head – Ignite/Submit

Seven tracks of raw powernoise in the vein of MSBR and Slogun: that is what’s presented to you in the form of a fairly new project called Fire in the head. From track one ‘Ignite/ Submit’ to track seven ‘Enough of you for both of me (v.1)’ the listener is confronted with waves of distortion and aggression. Is it original and new? No. Is it energetic and fierce? Yes!
Thematically all tracks are dealing with the topics that most powernoise projects have a subscription to: rape, domination and homicide.

Pictures revealed to me that Page is also using his voice in Fire in the head’s live performances. Unfortunately, vocal declamations are only detectable on track six (‘Written in her own blood’). Clearer vocal-abuse might have given this release a little more variation. Without it, the tracks are not really distinctable. Also: FITH doesn’t have a distinctive, own sound. When you listen to the album you can’t really say: ah, well, this must be Fire in the Head, because it might as well be Slogun, MBBR, Pain Jerk or The Haters.

FITH’s website shows that Michael Page is a devoted and prolific artist. To conclude: the noise-assaults sound professional and powerful, but there’s only a little lack of variation and originality. But then again, noise die-hards will definitely enjoy this record. They should keep an eye out for this project.

artist: Fire in the Head
label: Denshi Zatsuon
details: 7 tracks, 37 min, 2005 [Dz-cdr031]