Fjernlys – Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs

Fjernlys is a new project of Knut Enderlein, known for his work with Ex.Order and Inade. The first release as Fjernlys is directly a double cd, of which the second disc contains remixes by Bad Sector, First Law and others. You could say that Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs is a typical Loki Foundation release: an otherworldy atmosphere, subtle ambient electronica, ritual rhythms…

Compared to for instance Inade, Fjernlys sounds quite a bit lighter and more melodic, though it still has recognizable elements. What hasn’t changed is the complex layering of all the synthetic sounds, beats and voices. The pace is quite laidback though, with an organic feel to it. At times vocals form a prominent element, for instance on ‘Solar Loka’ or ‘Enduring surviving’. I’m reminded now and then of First Law or later Predominance works. Because of its tranquil, subtle nature, the music is not directly overwhelming, but slowly finds a way to your subconscious.

Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs is a pleasant listening experience, I’ve quite often played it as relaxing background music lately. It may have not impressed me as much as various other (darker) releases on Loki, but it’s a quality piece of atmospheric music. The bonus cd with five remixes and interpretations is a nice addition, especially the dreamy wavy versions by Antlers Mulm and Lovespell are to my liking.

artist: Fjernlys
label: Loki Foundation
details: 2cd, 2006 [LOKI 42]