Flatline Skyline – Horizon grid

Flatline Skyline’s ‘Horizon Grid’ is the result of a collaboration between R. A Scott and Jacen Kemp. This debut release is a quite interesting blend of abstract electronic noise and accessible industrial pop like Nine Inch Nails or even Einstuerzende Neubauten. The beat is strongly present, sometimes resulting in a trip-hop kind of groove, sometimes creating a harsher technoid atmosphere.

A really nice track, akin to early Massive Attack, is ‘Bulletproof bones’ which has as most tracks, clear and sombre vocals, as if the singer is tired or drugged. A throbbing beat determines the course of the song, with underlayers of dark synthesizers and structured noises.

‘We depart/ link arms’ is a highly energetic, yet melancholic song you’d like to sing along to. The song’s structure and lyrics really invite the listener to it: ‘Dark, sweet sweet, bittersweet hello, it’s a shower of sound then to bed we go.’ Every track has a soul of it’s own, a distinctive structure which makes Flatline Skyline’s album definitely worth a try.

‘Bittersweet’ is a good description of ‘Horizon grid’, an album that’s definitely of quality, with enough variation and soul to keep it in your record-player for a while.

artist: Flatline Skyline
label: Mechanoise Labs
details: 11 tracks, 55 min, 2005 [mn026]