Fleen – Different?

Fleen is a promising new band from France. They produce music with clear references to the 80’s wave sound but in doing so they create an original sound for their own, which could be called trip-pop. The band makes use of fragile tunes, quite rhythms, subtle guitars and soothing vocals. This results into a melancholy sound that at times is reminiscent of Portishead, Hooverphonic and Depeche Mode, at the times of their Ultra album.

Songs like ‘So simple’, ‘As You Want’ and ‘Hold On To Your…’ are nice pieces of dreampop in the tradition of bands mentioned above. In doing this Fleen is capable of creating a sound of their own and thus cannot be seen as a clone of one of these bands.

Different? proves wave music can still be relevant. The trip-hop influences and creativity of the band makes that the sound isn’t cliché 80’s. I am curious in what way this band will be evolving. In any way this album is very nice and original.

artist: Fleen
label: Histrion