Flesh:on:Steel – Notausgang

Again a new label has arisen. This time not hailing from barren ground, but from the French radio-show Archetyp. A radio-show that has special interest in ambient and neo-folk music. So not too surprisingly, Flesh:On:Steel is a French project creating ambient music.

Drones fill the ears of the listener, as the disc starts playing. Combined with some speech-samples, that most of the time are just out of the interpretable sound-range, these are the main building blocks of the music on this disc, that resides somewhere between dark-ambient and death-industrial. Coming up in my mind are “The Unquiet Void” and “Leviathan” as comparisons, but that misses out on some aspects and overestimates on others.

Anyway, the music is good, to say the least. Well build up, keeping the tension within the songs, though sometimes ending on a bad note (for instance the very good title track of this disc, that ends with a sample of a German beer-song). Some other samples just don’t seem to get the best fit with the music, but overall this disc is really a release that will please the ears of many a dark-ambient listener.

artist: Flesh:on:Steel
label: Archetyp
details: cd-r, 8 tracks, 2006 [typ-001]


  1. Many thx for our kind Review….. and so sorry for “the bad note”… don’t u like Beer??? Take care…

  2. Ikecht is a healthy guy ;-)

  3. Healthy Guy ?? Really??? wow…. It doesn’t matter….. :D