Flëur – Magic

The French label Prikosnovénie plays around a bit with the terms folk and traditional music. All the music they release has a link with some form of authentic music but only seldom this is actually performed in its true form.

Flëur is a duo, assisted by guest musicians, from the Ukraine. Their popmusic has many references to Russian folkmusic. The music they play is often tranquil and ethereal but at the same time also lively and cheerful. By using the playful sounds of flutes, violins and cello’s, spare drums and emotional singing (in Russian) the band creates beautiful songs.

Without a doubt bands like Bel Canto and All About Eve have been an inspiration, but Flëur sounds more authentic as these bands, more folk. The title of this record had not been chosen better. This is indeed a magical album. Flëur plays folkpop of exceptional beauty.

artist: Flëur
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 13 tracks [PRIK077]