Flëur – Siyanie

This is already the third album by Ukrainian folkpop band Flëur on Prikosnovénie (and their fourth album in total). In general Siyanie is a logical sequel to their album Magic and basically it is more of the same. But, in this case I am not complaining. The magical folk pop of this band is something that never really tires me.

The songs on Siyanie are relaxing, light-hearted and melancholy. In short, very pleasant to music to listen to. Flëur serves the listener again with high quality music, well written songs and nice arrangements. Songs like ‘Cocoon’, ‘Be My Sense’ and ‘ Someone’ are poppy without becoming cheesy.

All instruments like guitars, flutes, violin and cello only seem to have one purpose and that is to soothe the listener. This works very well. Flëur has delivered another great record. Not to be missed.

artist: Flëur
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 13 tracks [PRIK093]