Flint Glass – Hierakonpolis

Funkwelten is a side label of the German gothic/dark electro label Black Rain. On Funkwelten more complex electronic music is released. Flint Glass produces music somewhere between idm, electronica and industrial. The tracks are mostly
evolving sound structures. They begin quiet and develop into more rhythmic (sometimes hectic) sound sculptures that have a sort of quite ending. The title track and ‘Dust particles’ are good examples of this.

The mood is mostly dark and haunting. This is due to the sounds ands subtle melodies in the background that
complement the rhythms. On this cd is also the Dahshur EP, which makes this disc, with 18 tracks and almost 78 minutes of music, a rather tiring listening experience. Highly recommended to fans of the music by acts like
Autechre and Gridlock.

artist: Flint Glass
label: Funkwelten
details: 18 tracks [fw 005]