Foetal Void – Know EP

Foetal Void is a new Belgian act, that found its way to a Canadian label. They exist since 1998, but this is their first release. They play a decent mixture of electro and industrial crossover music. Singer and composer of Foetal Void is Tom Cornille. Foetal Void consists of five members, more than usual for this type of music. But they use quite some ‘real’ instruments, with drums, guitar and bass to complement the electronics which lie at the base.

The first song ‘Know’, the title track, is a quite catchy 3-minute song. It has a good melody, well-done vocals and synths, a pleasant rhythm, and guitars which are not too dominant. ‘Sense of All’ starts with an atmospheric keyboard intro, after which a midtempo synthpoppy song follows, with some more guitars in the refrain. I find this song to have a very American sound, partly through the ‘tough’ vocals. it made me think of Stabbing Westward, NIN or Filter. Next are three remixes of ‘Know’. The ‘smallband ‘ version stresses the synth lines and could certainly be a clubhit. Further you get a “Snuff pop mix’ and a ‘Marylyn mix’, which is quite different, more tanquil and and trancy. The last song is ‘Forged Senses’, a slow moody instrumental with some wave influences, quite nice.

I don’t find Foetal Void sound very special or original, but they are not bad either.’Know’ is just a decent, catchy track and will be appreciated by lovers of synthpop or poppy industrial crossover. I have the feeling that this band will probably more convincing on stage.

artist: Foetal Void
label: Geska Records
details: 6 tracks