For Against – Echelons

Words on Music from Minneapolis has quickly become one of my favourite indie labels, with nice artists as Fiel Garvie, The Meeting Places and Coastal. I did not know For Against, so I was really surprised when I read about their background. ‘Echelons’ was actually recorded way back in 1987, when it was the debut of this group from Nebraska, who never reached a big audience. Since then they have released a handful more albums, with the most recent one being ‘Coalesced’ from 2002, also on Words on Music.

The music can be situated somewhere between postpunk and indie guitar pop. Influences are named like Joy Division (dark basses) and early R.E.M (jangly guitars). I also have to think of The Opposition, whose 80’s debut was also recently reissued. Especially because of the clear vocals of Jeffrey Runnings, who sounds very earnest.

The nine tracks on this cd, which comes in an elegant digipack, are a pleasure to listen to. They songs are perhaps not spectacular, but have a certain freshness and a pleasant gloomy mood. If you like the abovementioned bands or for instance The Chameleons, Comsat Angels or Modern English, you should give For Against a listen!

artist: For Against
label: Words On Music
details: 9 tracks [wm 14]