Forseti – Windzeit box

“Windzeit”, from the neo-folk group Forseti around Andreas Ritter, was one of my favourite albums of 2002. And although I already possessed this album, the limited (rather expensive) box version sounded too good to let go. And when the package arrived I directly knew that it was worth the investment. The large-format box makes a highly expensive impression on the outside, nice green linen with gold printing on it. When you open it you see that this style is continued consequently, everything is made in green and gold.

So, what do you get? To begin with, the album “Windzeit” on green vinyl. I especially like it because of the beautiful nature photos in the booklet, which you can now see at a large format.

Further a cd version of “Jenzig”, which was only released on a limited 10″ in the past and which contains nothing but classic songs. In the booklet you find stunning nature photos in the same style as on “Windzeit”, and all the lyrics. You even get a bonus track, ‘Jenzig II’, a lovely song which was earlier featured on the first “Lichttaufe” sampler. I believe that this cd version of “Jenzig” will also be sold separately, in a small pressing.

Then there are two exclusive (green) vinyl pieces. The 7″ “Europa” contains a nice inner sleeve and two (short) new songs. ‘Europa’ is an intimate song, with a more uptempo ending. It won’t surprise you if you are familiar with the work of Forseti, just a solid neo-folk song with a romantic atmosphere. ‘Dunkel die Walder’ is a bit different, rather solemn, with minimal instrumentation and a classical female voice.

Finally there is the 10″ “Raunen” (not to be confused with the record of Dies Natalis of the same title). This one contains no less than 8 live tracks, some of which are previously unreleased. ‘Forseti lebt’ and ‘Ewigkeit’ were recorded at the WGT in Leipzig (1999), the festival were I first heard Forseti. ‘Sag mir wo Du stehst’ is from the (legendary) concert at Burg Falkenstein (1999), where also Death in June, NON and Der Blutharsch performed. ‘Gesang der Jungliche’ and ‘Feuerspruch’ were recorded at the Wasserburg in Heldrungen in 2001, and finally there are three tracks from a concert during the Herbstnachte in Glauchau, also in 2001: ‘Wolfszeit’, ‘Erlköning’ and ‘Als ich fortging’. I’m very pleased with these live tracks, because they show Forseti at its best. So far I have always found them the most convincing and energetic when playing live (a nice example are these recordings from the Konzert-Sommernacht in Mansfeld).

The conclusion may be obvious: a wonderful, exemplary box, with nothing but great music and a feast for the eyes, with its consistent and tasteful esthetic concept.

artist: Forseti
label: Goeart / Grunwald
details: box, limited to 393 copies