Foundation Hope – A call to all redeemers

Foundation Hope left a good impression on self-released cd-r’s with atmospheric soundscapes. Divine Comedy Records gave this Dutch one-man project the chance to release his first ‘official’ cd. The music is described by the label as ‘sad and bleak soundscapes for a depraved religious institute, pretending to give comfort and light…’

“A call to all redeemers” contains 8 tracks in just over 50 minutes. The artwork photos of the nice looking digipack show heavily wrecked rooms. The quotes in the booklet of Houellebecq and director Roberto Rosselini also ask for attention for the uglier aspects of life and society, to which this album will hopefully bring some redemption. It comes as no surprise that Foundation Hope treats us to a darker type of ambient.

The first piece ‘Gelatenheid’ stands out as an epic composition with various phases. To the obscure ambient ground structure of the first half, speech samples in Dutch and choral snippets are added amongst others. It makes me think of some Ildfrost material. Towards the end more percussive elements and ethereal synth lines enter the sonic picture. ‘Seul contre tous’ has rhythmic outbursts, metal sounds, synth lines and more speech samples, but also a dragging guitar melody, which evokes some post-rock productions.

The other tracks continue in this varied vein. Part of the material on this album sounds like the religious catheral-like feeling evoked by some of Raison D’être’s work, while other pieces have a more suffocating industrial ambient style. At times “A call to all redeemers” sounds very dark and dense, but there are also lighter, semi-classical or atmospheric electronic elements with moving abilities.

The music on this well-produced album consists of many different elements which often surprise you, which is best perceived when listening with headphones. At times I experience the soundscapes as a bit too restless, but in general I find the atmosphere and sounds on this album very enjoyable. I won’t be surprised if we hear more of Foundation Hope in the near future.

artist: Foundation Hope
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: cd, 8 tracks, 2006 [DC 042]