Foundation Hope – Broken Sounds set to despairing melodies

Foundation Hope is a Dutch one-man project making electronic music. This promo cd-r is certainly a worthwhile listening experience. The musician has called his tracks ‘aural landscapes to stimulate the reflection of emptiness’, which is a fitting description. Calm ambient soundscapes, rather minimal but effective.

The first short introductory piece is more a sound collage with various sounds of voices. Then follow various rather ethereal soundscapes, with slowly gliding sounds and a rather icy, polar feel, reminding me of the work of Apoptose, also through the use of sparse but intense percussion. Nice spacious music, which will be also appreciated by people who like Polygon and other acts from the Polymorph stable.

Some soundscapes employ more industrial sounds and moods, of course making me refer to classic dark ambient acts like Lustmord and Raison d’Etre. Most tracks use only a few ingredients, but that is often enough to create a lot of atmosphere. A few more daring elements, like the mysterious voices on track #6, would make the music perhaps more special, but that could on the other hand also disturb the tranquil, almost meditative feel of some of the scapes.

Foundation Hope has pleasantly surprised me with this cd-r. If you can appreciate well-crafted ambient soundscapes, don’t hesitate to obtain a copy of this demo.

artist: Foundation Hope
label: Tuchtunie
details: 8 tracks