Four Tet – Rounds

The new album by Four Tet, aka Kieran Hebden, also known from his work with the band Fridge, has been talked about a lot. After the well recieved album “Pause”, the expectations for this album where high.

So what does the record sounds like? It has a very strong acoustic sound, but it’s clear that Kieran has processed most of his sound. On the surface acoustic, but a closer listen reveals the more experimental side of the record. Kieran has succeeded to blend experimental sound with acoustic/folklore sound. Though the record has its own sound, it doesn’t deliver anything new. While listening, names like Tarwater and Tortoise popped to my mind several times. The overall mood of the record is one of a late night evening, sitting on your balcony (or in front of your open window if you lack a balcony) just staring at the evening sky while the sun sets, thinking about the past day, while the a few birds make their last flights of the day. Does that sound too sweet? Well maybe the record at points is.

Does the album live up to the high expectations? It’s different and it most surely doesn’t disappoint. At points it even surprises, like the beautiful piano loop in the song ‘Unspoken’ (taken form the song ‘Winter’ by Tori Amos), but it’s nothing new.

artist: Four Tet
label: Domino Recording Co.
details: 10 tracks. 2003