Frank The Baptist – Beggars Would Ride

The debut album by Frank The Baptist (Different Degrees of Empty) was a surprising gothic rock record, as the band has an original sound that has hints of 80’s wave and 60’s fuzz rock.

Beggars Would Ride is the second album by the band. And, to be honest, it is more of the same. So, in first instance it is a bit disappointing as the debut album was a welcome relieve from the gothic rock standard.

But after some listening more of the same still means good music for Frank The Baptist. Again the songs are good rock tracks with a nice melancholic character. That the band is also capable of writing good solid
and addictive songs only makes Beggars Would Ride another successful effort, even though there is nothing new to it now.

artist: Frank The Baptist
label: Strobelight Records
details: cd, 12 tracks [STROB 005]