Frank the Baptist – Different Degrees of Empty

Frank the Baptist is a gothicrock band that has been around in the American underground since 1997. Only now a, new German gothicrock, label has released their debut album. This first release by Strobelight Records sets high hopes for the future.

Frank the Baptist plays high quality and an original brand of melancholy rockmusic. The 80’s wave influences a very evident in their music, as opening song ‘Falling Stars’ instantly makes clear. This song is reminiscent of the sound of The Chameleons. Just like this 80’s band Frank the Baptist knows how to bring atmosphere in rock songs.

The nice thing about Frank the Baptist is that this band doesn’t try very hard to be gothic. They just play nice melancholy songs that at times are even a bit poppy. Songs like ‘Number One’, ‘Echoes of Never’ and ‘On My Tongue’ sound all dreamy and sad but never depressive. The dynamics in the songs, and on the album as a whole, work very well. Different Degrees of Empty is a very nice debut, both for the band as for the label.

artist: Frank the Baptist
label: Strobelight Records
details: 11 tracks [STROB 001]