Freiband – Martin

Although the music is totally different, this release has got everything to do with the cult lp ‘Unknown Pleasures’ by the great Joy Division.
So what’s the case? The artist behind Freiband noticed seven tracks with ‘errors’ on the lp produced by the notorious and late Martin Hannett. These were errors such as clicks and strummed guitars. Freiband created the music on this release on basis of these minimal seven extras.

I expected the whole release, being such a directed effort on the basis of some minimal extra’s, to be quite inaccessible, but that’s not the case whatsoever. The result is stunning:
crispy, crystal clear electronic minimalism is combined with dark bass drones and rhythmic poundings. Do not expect melody, but well balanced structure. Microscopic textures unfold into oppressive soundscapes. There are no such things as instruments on this release, instead, this is laptop ambience at it’s best.

I can go trough every of the seven tracks on this release, but I won’t. You can buy it for just 5 euro’s at the Tibprod. website. It’s file under: minimal electronics; much better than most I heard in a long time.

artist: Freiband
label: TIBProd.
details: 3" mcd, 7 tracks, 20 minutes, 2004. [TIBCD3]