Friction – The next chapter

The Funprox headquarters seem to get a more and more eclectic musical menu everyday. This time we are treated to a new Dutch punkrock band, The Friction. Last year they made a first demo, and now they have recorded three solid songs for this mini cd, which they released themselves. The band consist of two guitarists, a bassplayer, a drummer and a vocalist. In the person of Tony de Block they have found a professional (Hooverphonic) producer.

The first song, ‘The book’ starts with a guitar intro, that sounds rather metallish. But then a melodic song follows, with convincing, emotional vocals, which sound reminds me somewhat of The Offspring. The music is situated somewhere between hardcore and punkpop, with strong melodies. The price song is the last one, ‘Yourself’, which is the most dynamic piece on the cd. It has great tight drumming and good choirs, in the best Bad Religion tradition. A good sounding mini cd, with solid catchy songs, that make an energetic, yet mature impression. Perhaps not very innovative, but simply pleasant. Though punkrock is far from my speciality (anymore), I can hear that this is a promising band.

artist: Friction
label: self-released