Fröhliche Eiszeit – S/T

If you cannot get enough of obscure 80’s re-issues, and especially the nice packaged collector items, then here is another great piece for you.

Fröhliche Eiszeit plays new wave and minimal wave with electronics, guitar and saxophone. There are some great crazy dance tunes with clear NDW influences on this lp.’ Mädchen in der Eisbar’ for example has echoes of early Cure while ‘Ohne Worte’ is a weird pulsating minimal track somewhat in the style of Der Künftige Musikant. Absolute highlight is ‘Meine Sehnsucht’, which is simply a great piece of bleepy and playful minimal electronics.

More and more gems from the past are being (re) discovered. I hope there will never be an end to this music archeology.

artist: Fröhliche Eiszeit
label: Kernkrach
details: lp, 15 tracks [KRACH011]