Frustration – Full Of Sorrow

Frustration from France are slowly but steadily building a name for themselves in the post-punk scene. Their music is a raw and intense mix of cheap electronics and rough guitars with screamed vocals on top.

On this third release there are still “borrowed” guitar parts from Warsaw/Joy Division but that is done with good taste and respect for the originators. So, why not?!

‘Blind’ starts as a minimal electronics track but evolves into a raw punk song and includes a Warsaw guitar riff. More playful is ‘For them no premises’. Which is a new version of the song ‘Premises’ from their 7”. Also ‘No trouble’ is rather playful. Still it has a raw edge despite the melodic touch.

This new 12” shows Frustration is still growing in their song writing and one of the promises for the near future. If you see their records buy them as they go like candy.

artist: Frustration
label: Born Bad Records
details: vinyl - 12”, 5 tracks [BornBad0001]