Fujiya & Miyagi – Remixes

This cd is a remix album of the debut cd released by Massive Advance of Fujia & Miyagi, called “Electro karaoke in the negative style”. The line up for the remixes is huge, featuring artists like Two Lone Swordsmen, Pilote, Wevie Stonder, Christian Vogel, Smyglyssna and Cassetteboy.

The remixes itself are slightly disappointing. Beside big names the cd doesn’t seem to deliver too much. It’s all nice and remixed, but none of the artists really stand out. It’s just another one in the endless row of remix cd’s. Sometimes you just hope a release like this will stand out, delivering something new. But all artists just do their thing, without being able to surprise. Maybe the problem is with the source material, maybe the problem is with the artists, doing yet another quick remix of yet another new hot artist. It sounds all dated.

Don’t get me wrong though. The music isn’t all bad, just not terribly exciting or original. If you liked the original cd, you’ll probably like this cd too. But don’t be fooled by the big names. Nothing new on this remix project.

artist: Fujiya & Miyagi
label: Massive Advance
details: [MADV006]