Funerary Call – Works of Fire

Funerary Call from Canada has been treating the world to dark sounds since 1994. I got to know this project through their contribution to the “On the Brink of Infinity” compilation. Funerary Call, a project of H. MacFarlane with varying collaborators, creates the darkest ambient you can imagine. Inspired by horror, occultism and more pleasant activities, and musical influences from dark ambient, improvisational, death industrial and black metal. On this self-released cd-r four excellent dark pieces can be found. From the classic dark ambient material of ‘In the half-light’ to the death industrial of ‘The black root’ or the more percussive and hypnotizing ‘Works of fire’, which is the perfect companion for all your obscure rituals. ‘Upon the heath’ is cold and solemn, with deep basses, some grave declamated vocals and a doomy atmosphere. Impressive dark and deep material by Funerary Call!

artist: Funerary Call
label: self-released