G-Nox – Ventre

The M-tronic label has released a lot of very interesting releases lately, the new Dither, the fourth Beefcake and the Chemical elements CD. M-tronic seems to have its roots in Industrial music, but most of its releases tend to be in a more idm-electronica vein. This new release by an artist called G-nox shows that the label also has a more industial side.

G-nox is a new project by Gerome Nox, who is perhaps best known for his works in the cult industrial act Nox (which also contained Laurent Pernice and the guy who is now behind the ElectroniCat project).

The music on this disc consists of monotonous and slow techno bass and noise layers. The label compares it to acts like Vromb and Orphx, and perhaps Pan Sonic would be good to mention too. However, this release certainly lacks the beautiful analog sounds of Vromb and Pan Sonic, and also the refined beats of Orphx. It is just far less sophisticated as
these acts and also a lot less original.

The beats are just way to monotonous, nothing happens to them at all. The only change in the songs is the filtersweeps of the noise layers, and this is just not very interesting.

If you realy enjoy the more techno side of the industrial scene, and collect labels like Hands and Ant-zen and Hymen, this could be your thing. But don?t expect to be awed.

artist: G-Nox
label: M-Tronic
details: 7 tracks