Garbo and The Adjectives – S/T

The band themselves claim to play a mixture of ’77 punk, cold wave, 60’s pop and garage dancefloor music. If they mean that this mixture sounds like Franz Ferdinand with early Suede influences then it is quite true.

As there are certainly some glamrock and post-punk influences to be found in the music of Garbo and The Adjectives. Next to that this self-released cd has a very accessible and poppy character. Possibly the band could become the next Franz Ferdinand judging by the catchy dancefloor tunes ‘Train To The Moon’ and ‘Footstep’s Shadow’. The album as a whole is also well thought about. There is a ballad (‘That Street’) and a more true ’77 punk track (‘For A Walk In Hell’) included.

In general Garbo and The Adjectives is not the most original band at the moment but I am sure there is a crowd for their music. Also, I believe the band now performs under the name Bogart & The Addictives.

artist: Bogart and the Addictives
details: cd, 7 tracks. self-released.