Garmarna – Garmarna

Garmarna is, together with Hedningarna, the best known folk act from Scandinavia. Through the years the group developed their distinctive own sound, from traditional to experimental and electronic.

This cd is a re-issue of their first EP that was until now only released in Sweden. Next to the first EP there are some additional demos on the disc that are
even from an earlier date. Even though the band sounds totally different today, their sound is still recognizable as being Garmarna. So, on this record are no electronics, no amplified guitars and even very little singing. This due to the fact that singer Emma Härdelin only joined the band during the recording of their first record.

For the Garmarna fan this is a true document. The first versions of ‘Herr Olof’, ‘Klevaberg’s Fire’ and ‘Antioch’ sound as convincing as their later versions.
Actually, most songs on this disc can be found in a different version on one of their later albums. People who like traditional folk will probably like this Garmarna album best, but others who are more into new folk might be a bit disappointed. But, the true Garmarna fan will think all their music is just as beautiful.

artist: Garmarna
label: Massproduktion