GD Luxxe – The 21st Door

GD Luxxe is the 80’s inspired synth/electro project by Austrian citizen Gerhard Potuznik. For years he has been releasing music on various labels and producing other musicians, among them Chicks on Speed. Recently the compilation album Snow Robots 3 was released by Suction Records on which the poppy track ‘Compulsion’ by GD Luxxe appeared. This
song has very little in common with the music on his new album The 21st Door.

This lp is released in the old style on double 12” and with a typical 80’s cover design. The sound of this album refers to dark music from the 80’s, while the
album is filled with dark and distorted electro. GD Luxxe makes use of original rhythms, you don’t hear normally when you listen to electro music, and dark
synth sounds. Overall the sound is very new wavelike, but in a modern way.
The songs on the album are well crafted and show a great diversity of moods, due to this different songs call to mind different groups from the past. ‘New Definition’ for example sounds a bit like a contemporary version of New Order, but ‘Which Side Are You On?’ is much more like the dark electro Skinny Puppy used to play. The best track is ‘Future on dvd’ which is a gloomy and distorted song that mixes elements from acid, electro and wave music.

The 21st Door is a record that works from a different angle with electro and wave music than most other electro music nowadays. Due to this the album
sound original but never looses it touch with the past and the music tradition it is part of. A new dark twist to electro!

artist: GD Luxxe
label: Interdimensional Transmissions
details: 2xlp [IT 16]