Genetic Selection – Orbital Ground Attack

Ant-Zen often treats the listener with new and daring industrial music. But, Genetic Selection is nothing new, you have heard it all before. The music on Orbital Ground Attack is (simply) harsh, four to the floor industrial techno.

There are some hints to Asche (‘Freedom Requiers Sacrifice’) and This Morn’ Omina (‘Prepare For Contact’) and to some other acts on the label. Thus, if you like the harsher, more dancefloor orientated releases on Ant-Zen you will love this record.

Even if Genetic Selection doesn’t really sounds innovating the tracks on this album are really good. The music is loud, pounding and dark. Dominating are the thythms that are loud but not too distorted. Every contemporary industrial and tekno dj will find a few tracks he/she can use in a set.

Orbital Ground Attack is for the people who prefer the dancefloor attitude of industrial music above the more experimental music that results in interesting listening experiences. If you are one them this is the record for you at this moment.

artist: Genetic Selection
label: Ant-Zen
details: 10 tracks [ACT165]