Geneviéve Pasquier – Soap Bubble Factory

With her previous releases Geneviéve Pasquier has raised some expectations. Especially the 7” on Disorder and the split 10” (with Bastards Of Love) on Petting Zoo were good pieces of old school minimal industrial music.

Now Thorofon is no more, it seems her solo project is her main focus. But her first “big” release is somewhat easy and accessible in comparison with her earlier work.

Most tracks on Soap Bubble Factory are a sort of soundscapes in which the industrial music elements are pushed into the back (‘Remember’ and ‘Mind-Whore’). Some other tracks are a bit boring as not really much is happening (‘Catwalk’ and ‘I Am Not Yours’). Also the dance tunes are not what you might expect from this ex-Thorofon member. ‘Existance’ is nothing more then a slick contemporary cyber gothic track and ’Soap Bubble Factory’ is a sort of bubblegum dance / pop track.

The track ‘Disappointed Expectations’ summarizes this album quite well. With a name and status like Geneviéve Pasquier you should come up with something better.

artist: Geneviéve Pasquier
label: Ant-Zen
details: cd, 12 tracks [ACT181]


  1. I totally agree. Her older releases are much better than this album, which is a bit superficial and shallow.