Genitor Lvminis – Virgae

I received this 3” cd in very nice folded postcard sleeve a few weeks ago from the highly interesting Stateart label. Two long epic compositions are featured on this mcd, namely Virgae (part I) and Virgae (part II).

Virgae I starts with heavy orchestral arrangements with a slow pounding low timpani. After a while a lyre (if I’m correct) enters the soundscape, which really fits well with the other arrangements and ads an extra dimension to the dark ambient sound of the track. The long composition continues like this, until it ends in a heavy pulsating drone. I guess one could say that Virgae I is a more or less vertical composition, in which layers are spun over each other creating a mantra-like feeling.

Virgae II starts out with heavy string arrangements. Again, these basic arrangements continue throughout the whole composition, to which other layers are added as the track progresses. The melancholic and `beautiful` mood definitely manages to hold my attention until the end of the track, which is a compliment for an ‘ambient’ act. The song ends with a weird sounding acoustic guitar…

All in all, I really enjoyed these two tracks. The music is mature, well-structured and organic. Which is, again, really good for artists in this genre. Recommended!

artist: Genitor Lvminis
label: Stateart
details: 3"CD-EP, approx. 20 minutes [AVANT008]