Genocide Organ – In-Konflikt

Genocide Organ is a true cult act since the mid 80’s. This German project has always been consistent in creating extreme industrial noise and power electronics, both on record and on stage. GO has a controversial image because they’re consistently dealing in an uncomprosing manner with politically uncorrect subjects involving all sort of political extremism and cultural terrorism.

Their music is always raw and unpolished with a very ‘physical’ feel, using harsh noisy sounds, no straightforward rhythms and nasty shouted vocals. The cult image is further enhanced by the limited releases with special packagings and the mysterious identity of its members, who use the pseudonyms Wilhelm Herich, D.A.X., Doc M. Riot and Brigant Moloch.

As you could expect, this new album, the first studio material since “The truth will make you free” (1999) is not so easy to permeate. The eleven tracks blend industrial noise, power electronics and dark ambient into a dense combination. There are thick walls of noise, brutal screaming vocals, lots of feedback and distortion, metal percussion, high electronic frequencies, speech samples, broken samples, machinelike rhythms…

In general the music is somewhat slower and restrained than previous material, though still with a convincing aggressive effect. There are sudden powernoise outbursts, but most parts consist of repetive atmospheric dark industrial. Quite some (political) speech samples are used, mostly dealing with torture, war and American imperialism. It’s a powerful and convincing album, with asks concentrated listening. The music is varied, yet consistent. One of the tracks I like best is the slow and threatening ‘Conditio Humana’, oldschool industrial with a cold voice, comparable to the sound of Haus Arafna. Also recommended are noisier tracks like ‘We care for you’ and ‘Disobey ends’ or the dark soundscape ‘Death hypes’ filled with Bush samples.

The cd (there is also a limited vinyl edition) comes in a luxurious digipack with a large booklet which is basically a collage with all sorts of political and cultural imagery and texts, in which they seem to question everything and everyone, especially the modern consumer society. Revolution, morality or reactionism lead to nothing, what rests is a nihilistic and pessimistic chaos. “There is nothing, we fill just space…”

artist: Genocide Organ
label: Tesco
details: 11 tracks, 2005 [tesco 060]

Genocide Organ: In-Konflikt

Out in November on Tesco: `In-Konflikt` by Genocide Organ, on limited cd and lp. Eleven new tracks which reflect the development of the band: a blended mixture from industrial to power electronics to dark depressive ambient noise outbursts for which Genocide Organ is known. .