Ghislain Poirier – Sous le manguier

Ghislain Poirier is a Montreal based sound and visual artist. He released his debut cd on 12k, called “Il n’y pas de sud”. Beside sound artist he is a visual artists who has had several exhibitions in montreal with his drwanings and paintings.

This second album starts out with the beautiful dreamy ‘L’hiver neige’, a stunning piece of pulsating sounds setting the atmosphere for the rest of the album. Poirier keeps using the pulsating echoing sounds through the entire cd, sometimes accompanied by slow beat structures, that always seem just a bit off. Something that was already present on his first cd “Il N’y pas de sud”. This time the beat structures are easier for the listener though. Where on his debut the beats could get you out of the mood of the album, on this album, they fit in more naturally. Though they still don’t come as easy as with some of the dub techno releases by artists like Fluxion, Vladislav Delay or Loscil. The sounds Poirier uses sound organic and natural, creating the hypnotic dream like atmosphere the album has.
Everything in the songs of Poirier seems to be in the right place at the right time, nothing is rushed or overdone. Nothing gets the overhand, and even the sometimes strange beats seem perfectly normal.

Poirier delivers a detailed, slow moving, hypnotic album. A beautiful release, not just for the music. The packaging of “Intr_version” once again is stunningly beautiful, a perfect combination.

artist: Ghislain Poirier
label: intr_version records
details: 52 min.