Ghosts of Breslau – Peste

Bunkier Productions from Poland is a relatively young label, specialising in obscure neofolk and martial music. Up for review is a promo cd by Ghosts of Breslau, a Polish project inspired by the city of Wroclaw (Breslau was the German name).

After a nice intro with classical choirs the first real track offers German speech samples, a soundscape, and muffled timpani’s. Not really original I’m afraid, and honestly I’m getting a bit fed up by all these WWII samples of speeches and shouting of the masses. The next track is a bit more interesting, mainly because it sounds really obscure and harbours some well-chosen samples of engines starting and so on. This reminds me of sound collages like NWW or When made them.
When listening to the rest of the album it strikes me that the whole album can well be described as a sort of sound collage. I think this is a strong point of Ghosts of Breslau, because it makes this album somewhat less average than lots of the martial/industrial albums released these days.

So, although I’m not really convinced, this album offers some atmospheric sounds to enhance the viewing pleasure of, for example, some black and white Discovery documentary.

artist: Ghosts of Breslau
label: Bunkier Productions
details: 17 tracks, 2005. lim. 111 copies [BVII]