Ginger Leigh – 10 stories 10 lies

Ah, here we have Ginger Leigh to bring some sunshine in our urban blues. After “From Artesia with love” he takes us again on an adventurous trip through hidden big city slums, deserted industrial terrains and forgotten corners of the Middle east. The covers states that is an ‘original motion picture soundtrack’. I have no idea for what film that would be, perhaps some wild exotic Bollywood movie, with some scenes in an industrialized environment.

It is amazing how many different sounds and moods this artist manages to cram into one album, or even into one song. If I’m not mistaken, all music is created in an electronic manner. Despite the title, this album contains 13 tracks, each with a different pace and atmosphere. My favourites are the Eastern ethnic world of ‘River of tears’, the uptempo adventurous ride ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the tribal drumming of ‘I know what I gotta do’ (with a Boyd Rice type voice) and probably a handful more. Oh, and don’t forget to mention the noise-punk of ‘Black hair’, which makes the Stooges sound well-educated.
Ginger Leigh makes the world more colourful. This music should be played in boring offices and supermarkets, and our daily lives would never be the same again…

artist: Ginger Leigh
label: self-released
details: 13 tracks, 43 tracks