Ginger Leigh – A true life story

This is already the third album of Ginger Leigh I have the pleasure listening to. And as usual I’m treated to a rich spectre of sounds, ranging form harsh noise to exotic world music. “A true life story” seems to be a little harder in general that his previous work, it is more relentless and less cheerful. In the first song ‘Take me away to dreamland’ sharp noises interfere with the eastern orchestral melody. Really harsh is ‘Push/pull’, which I already tried with succes at some industrial dancefloors. Dynamic ethnic percussion is mixed here with heavily distorted power electronics-type vocals, which are screaming fiercely. ‘NARC’ is another hard, monotonous attack, while ‘Unpaved roads’ sounds like the soundtrack to an old Bombay movie. With this artist you can expect anything…

Ginger Leigh again convinces with a mixture of eastern madness and industrial fierceness, and this time he is more violent than ever. One of the song is perhaps not by accident called ‘I dreamt a dream of WAR’.

artist: Ginger Leigh
label: self-released
details: 16 tracks.