Ginger Leigh – From Artesia with love

This stuff brings me in a very good mood! I put this promo cd on without a clue what to expect and immediately it had me in its spell. I never heard of Ginger Leigh before, but he (?) seems to be very productive and already had good reviews in internet publications like Flux Europa, Achtung Baby and Heimdallr. The music of Ginger Leigh is wild and ritual, energetic and hypnotic and above all eclectic and full of ideas. Every song has a different mood and takes you other paces and sheres. There are many ethnic ritual elements in the music, reminding of late Muslimgauze. Don’t be surprised if Indian percussion is suddenly mixed with industrial noises or techno beats!

The first song is called ‘Taxicab ride through the city’, and you can really visualize a wild urban adventure when hearing this track. Further on the cd is a track called ‘Passing trains’, again very dynamic, it could be a soundtrack to an old silent movie which contains an exciting scene with a steam train. And I think that’s the main force of this cd: with each song your fantasy completes it with an image that is often exotic and adventurous. This mix of electronic industrial fused with eastern sounds and melodies really works! An eclectic journey through a multicultural landscape…

artist: Ginger Leigh
label: Red River Productions
details: 11 tracks