Ginormous – The Endless Procession

Most of the time Hymen comes up with good releases. From time to time their releases are even more then just good. This Ginormous album is one of those. Expect no standard IDM. This is really something else.

The Endless Procession is a psychedelic trip into an inner and an outer world. I cannot imagine playing just one song from this record. You need to hear all of them after each other to fully experience the richness of this record.

You will hear hip hop and broken beats, (treated) guitar pieces, string melodies and beautiful otherworldy sounds. The tracks are clearly structured and intended to take you by the hand. And, as it should be with all good records the best part is at the end of this cd. ‘Gleaming Rows’, ‘Welcome Vacuum’ and ‘A Mountain People Can Always Climb’ are a stunning conclusion of a great album. The music leaves you floating in outer and inner space.

Too bad I have the single cd version, as The Endless Procession leaves me wanting for more.

artist: Ginormous
label: Hymen
details: cd, 10 tracks [¥749]