Giscard le Survivant – Operation Pan Barre

The French DIY-industrial project Giscard le Survivant keeps on producing cdr’s. Again he has created an hour full of weird electronic sounds and varied (French political) themes. The songs have titles like ‘Attaqu?e par un torosaure en revenant de la boulangerie’ or ‘La folie de grimper sur des machines de mine a benzol’. In total this cdr has 15 tracks. Spacy synth sounds are just one of the many layers that fight for your attention in the not too melodic soundscapes. There are some smooth moments, which suddenly change in seemingly random sounds, noises or beats. An eclectic collage of weird electronica, samples and industrial elements. Everything about this project seems to try to get you confused. There are some interesting moments on this creation and the overall sound and concept are certainly original. I also find this release relatively more accessible than his previous cdr. Still these curious structures are not something which will find the way to my cd-player very often.

artist: Giscard le Survivant
label: self-released