Giscard le Survivant – Par Le Pouvoir Du Feu Auverpin!

A CDR demo by a French experimentalist basicly describes this whole release. The CDR meaning it’s for a small public only, the experimentalist telling us it’s only for a very small group of people indeed.

Giscard Le Survivant proudly presents us his eight demo. A demo in which he goes on with the music some people will already know him from; experimental industrial rhythm. I can’t say I’m one of those people who know any of the former seven demo’s (nor the ninth which has since been released), and thus my description of his former demo’s in this only hails from the little information he sent along with my copy of this cdr.

This leaves me to talk about just this release. But first of all I must say, I love people who dare to experiment in music and refuse to walk the already explored paths. This also means that I can do nothing else then respect Giscard Le Survivant as there is a true lot of experiment in there. Unfortunately this doesn’t make it all sound like the best music ever made. Far from that, most of it sounds like experiment for the sake of experiment instead of for the music. From this people may conclude there is no normal piece of music on this cd, but there is an overload of ideas. These ideas somehow don’t merge to tracks or a clear demo at all. Even though some of the ideas are quite good.

Concluding this truly is a piece of work for the die-hard fan of experiment only, others will soon freak out because there is too much experiment and too little line in the release. An interesting cdr, but not a good one, alas.

artist: Giscard le Survivant
label: self-released
details: released in 2003