Gjöll – Way Through Zero

Way Through Zero is the debut of Gjöll and a concept album about the mental state of a person. This state goes from pessimistic to anger and to analysis and realization of the self. Musically this is worked out very well: From drone-like industrial ambient to pulsating noise.

The mood of the music is dark and mysterious and especially the first two parts are great. Part one is filled with mysterious dark ambient with a whispering voice and vague sounds in the background. The second part is a drone in which the Scandinavian background of the musicians becomes very clear.

The thick booklet with nice photos and texts in Icelandic (and English) only enriches the listening experience. Way Through Zero is an original and interesting industrial release for sure!

artist: Gjöll
label: Ant-Zen
details: cd, 15 tracks [ACT177]


  1. simply GREAT WORK! it’s worth to give it a listen… you won’t be disappointed