Glass Candy – Bräckliga Kvinnor

Glass Candy is a band that plays retro post-punk, no-wave and glam rock. Their music is chaotic and hectic. The two songs on this single displays an energetic and weird band, as one you seldom will find. This single was original released in 1999 and shows the band in their early days.

‘Bräckliga Kvinnor’, the A-side, is an angular and whipping up song with the bass as the dominant factor. The B-Side, ‘Häng Kvar Vid Dig Själv’, is a cover version of Bowie’s ‘Hang On To Yourself’. It is an original and bluesy interpretation of the song with a funny jazzy piano tune.

Despite the fact that Glass Candy has been around for some years they never attracted much fame outside the underground. Maybe this re-issue will contribute to a little more exposure. The band deserves this with their original sound.

artist: Glass Candy
label: Release the Bats
details: 7”, 2 tracks [RTB # 5]