Glaufx Kranz – Whispers for the Dead

A dark ambient project on the Greek label Capp, which I only knew by name so far. It is a bit confusing, on the same label there are also releases under the name Glaufx Garland, I believe Glaufx Kranz has a more ambient sound. I must say it is a pleasant encounter. A great cold, dark mood, deep drones and beautiful atmospheric, haunting sounds. The twelve tracks, which have titles in both English and Greek, are carefully built up. The sound is rather minimal, constructed with “Glaufx’s whispering voice, electronic pipe organ & effects”. The music makes you think of Lustmord or more sober Raison d’Etre pieces, without bells and choirs. According to the label, this album is “based on ancient Hellenic – Peloponessian lamentations for the dead”. You really get an isolated feeling form listening at these cold sonic waves.
At the time of this review, you can buy ‘Whispers for the dead” for less than 4 euro at, which I think is good value for money.

artist: Glaufx Kranz
label: Capp