GOR – Qumran

With “Qumran” GOR has already delivered its fourth album on Prikosnovenie. GOR is the project of Francesco Banchini, who also works as a percussionist for Ataraxia. Banchini plays multiple instruments and combines elements from various times and cultures. He fuses medieval, arabic and classical elements to a colourful unity. On “Qumran” he especially takes us to the Middle East. Religious theses play a strong role on this conceptual album, as Banchini writes in the liner notes of the booklet. Qumram is an important place in religious history. Here lived the Essenes, a Hebrew community dedicated to an understanding of knowledge and God.”The journey I went through tends towards the research of god touching the various aspects of the monotheistic religions. In this context you will listen to different ritualistic musical forms linked together by the Hebrew and Christian biblical texts.” There are also various Arabic influences present on this album, which will be further developed on GOR’s next album.

“Qumran” certainly is a rich album. A variety of Arabic rhythms and sounds, diverse instruments likes flutes, clarinet and string instruments, mixed with all sorts of obscure chanting. The music has a ritual, devotional effect. Sometimes it sounds festive, like on ‘Vayyomer’ which sounds like an invitation to join a ritual feast, with uptempo percussion. Other songs are more introspective, like the melancholic ‘Layela’, with multiple voices joining and a nice flute melody. ‘Shofar’ is also a great track. Nice guitars and dulcimer sounds, mysterious whispering, a tempting rhythm… And there is much more to discover on this album,nwhich not gives away all it secrets at once. Recommended to everyone who loves Dead Can Dance or Love is Colder than death. An excellent exotic album which makes you dream of faraway places and times.

artist: GOR
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 12 tracks. [PRIK071]