Gorilla Aktiv – Umsonst ohne Risiko

I don’t think it will ever stop. This is yet another release in the endless stream of 80’s tape music re-issues on vinyl. It seems there was an enormous active scene in the early 80’s for minimal electronics. Now Was Soll Das Schallplatten is one of the labels reminding us of the music that was made in that era.

Gorilla Aktiv is not be missed if you are a fan of this genre. The band is best known for their song Ottos Pornos’, which is also included on this record. It is also one of the least tracks on this vinyl. It is just not as outstanding as the other pieces.

All tracks work with a rather heavy and mechanical sounding rhythm structure. The music is very danceable due to this. The mood is often playful like on Mädchen in Weiss’ and ‘Das Gesicht’. But, some are very raw elektro sort of tracks, like the absolute great ‘Kopf und Bauch’.
No minimal fan will be able to resist these tunes by Gorilla Aktiv. Pflichtkauf!

artist: Gorilla Aktiv
label: WSDP (Was Soll Das? Schallplatten)
details: lp, 14 tracks [WSDP101]