Goteki – O/S

Goteki is like the Japanese parody of the all-boy bands that haunt the charts so often. Their image is semi-futuristic blending, for instance, manga cartoons with Commodore 64 graphics in the artwork. Goteki?s music is characterized by the semi fusion of contemporary and old elements. Modern beats go together with minimal 80?s synth sounds. Due to these old fashioned sounds and the typical vocal parts, the comparison with Soft Cell and Fad Gadget spring to mind, while the modern influences are at times reminiscent of a band like Terminal Choice.

Although the repertoire of Goteki is diverse and brings together styles like synthpop, electro and cyber(gothic) their own style makes sure they have a cohesive sound. A song like ‘Autoloader’ is typical for the Goteki sound, a minimal dancetrack with modern beats but which also makes use of sounds from a distant past. A bit more modern are ‘Steam Virus’ and ‘Piranha Advancement’, both could do well on the cybergothic dancefloor. Nice is the surprising and weird synthpop song ‘Geisha Deconstruct’.

The best song is ‘Ninjagrrl’, a dark drum ?n bass track that slowly evolves into electro including a vocoder. With this song Goteki proves not to be the next electroclash/retro-synthpop act but to be able to really do something else. If Gotek is able to write more tunes in the vein of Geisha Deconstruct and especially Ninjagrrl they could well become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

artist: Goteki
label: Wasp Factory