Gotterdammerung – Kin-burst 9104

A few years ago legendary Dutch goth band Götterdämmerung reappeared with the strong album Morphia. After that a rare vinyl was released as part of an art installation by bandmember Marc Bijl. Now a new album is announced for this winter.

Until that there is this wonderful compilation album. On Kin-burst 9104 you will find tracks from all the releases by the band, including those from the rare vinyl, and some unreleased tracks. So, it is a prefect introduction to the band as well as a great appetizer for the forthcoming new album.

Götterdämmerung’s style is one definately of their own, blending gothic and post-punk. Even considered their sound is very much 80’s orientated, their music is very relevant in contemporary context.

Highlights on this compilation are the energetic ‘Lesser Deity’, the Sisters like ‘Left Hand Rapture’ and the strange and folky intermezzo ‘Rogues in a Nation’. Kin-burst 9104 is more then a teaser for the new album. It is an essential compilation by a legendary band.

artist: Gotterdammerung
label: Strobelight Records
details: 15 tracks [STROB011]