Gotterdammerung – Morphia

It was a surprise to hear that this Dutch band had released a new cd, because I had nott heard from them for some time. In the early 90’s they released a few demo’s and later an album (Body and Birthmark) and a ep (Rearm) through the well-known German label Dion Fortune Records. They then played music inspired by bands such as The Sisters of Mercy. Later they incorporated a few industrial/crossover influences, which can be heard on the ‘Purge’ EP from 1996. Then a few years went by, and now the band is back with a sound that falls back on the music they started with: energetic gothic rock.

Of course this type of music has been played a thousand times before, so you wont’t find many renewing elements here. But nowadays there aren’t too many bands left that can play this traditional gothic music in a convincing way. Götterdammerung really can be seen as keepers of a tradition, their music takes you back more than a decade. Although I nowadays seldom listen to gothic rock/postpunk, this gave me nostalgic feelings. The music is energetic, the tracks are peformed convining. The typical Sisters-type guitars, the batcave vocals, the pulsating drummachine, they are all there… As a tribute to their heroes a nice Sisters of Mercy cover is included, the obscure track ‘Good Things’… Better well copied than badly invented!

artist: Gotterdammerung
label: Nature of Gothic
details: 11 tracks